advice | preparing for hockey try-outs

There are a few things to consider to prepare your child for this pressure filled event.  If your child was on the team last year you will have a better idea of what it takes to make the team.   If your child was not on the team you are probably not sure what to expect and how to prepare your child.

To make a team right out of the cold your child will need to perform exceptionally well.  In most cases the coaches have 90% of their rosters already filled.  No matter which situation your child is in you want to do the following to prepare him as best as possible.

Parent's Job:

  • If you really feel your child has a good chance of making the team you need to call the coach beforehand to make sure your child is on his radar.  This will make sure the coach pays some extra attention to your child from the start.
  • Also make sure your child is on the ice 2 -3 times a week for 3 weeks prior to the tryout to maintain his fitness level and keep skills sharp.
  • Keep your child focused on a few themes for the tryout. Mainly they need to skate fast, keep feet moving, and work harder than everyone else.
  • Focus your child on having a great tryout and less about making the team.

Player's Job:

  • They need to remind you of the themes for the tryout 'skate fast, work hard, take chances.'
  • Work hard to prepare for the tryout and attend extra sessions.

This is a simple formula for a situation that has a lot of variables that are not in your control.  As a parent you are your child's hockey agent and can make a difference either way in improving the chances of making a team.  Keep things positive, communicate frequently, and set realistic expectations.

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