NF Hockey is known for providing a focused and positive training environment. This type of training environment ensures that students have the best opportunity to learn.


what makes us different?

Before stepping out onto the ice our instruction team has prepared all on ice-sessions.  Our instructors communicate with students at the beginning of each hour to make them aware of the purpose and focus of each session.

Once players are situated on the ice the learning begins. Instructors take time to explain drills to the group. Explanations are then followed by perfect instructor demonstrations. This effective teaching approach gives students the opportunity to listen and watch. Players then attempt the drill while instructors individually provide corrective advice and positive encouragement.

I believe itโ€™s important to relate to players and use creative methods to motivate and get the most out of them in training sessions. Training emphasis is on proper technique, high repetition, and speed variation which transfers into confident use of skill and creativity in games.
— Phil Simeon, Owner & Lead Instructor, NF Hockey

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