What skills does NF Hockey focus on?

NF Hockey’s focus is on improving core skills and building player confidence.  Skating, stickhandling, and shooting are the most important skills.  Our highly trained and knowledgeable instructors spend significant time teaching and motivating your child to improve these skills. 

 How will my child improve at NF Hockey camps?

1.       Doing drills correctly – taking some extra time at the beginning to do things the right way

2.       Moving slow to fast – do the drill right then pick up the speed so it’s just like in a game

3.    Building confidence – players feel great when they’ve trained hard to be ready for new challenges

What is the student to instructor ratio?

6 students to 1 instructor, sometimes it’s better than that depending on the camp.

What types of camps and training does NF Hockey offer?

·         Full day Blue Mountain Destination Summer Camp

·         Full day Burlington and Oakville summer camps

·         Specialized March break

·         Pre-tryout camps

·         Private and Team training

What age groups and skill levels are appropriate for NF Hockey camps?

All of our camps have age and skill criteria which can be found on camp pages.  Generally our camps are for competitive boys and girls between the ages of 7 – 13.

What does the cost of a full day camp registration include?

Our registration fee includes the cost of paying for fantastic instructors and maintaining a 6 to 1 ratio, 20 hours of ice time per week, lunches that we make and provide every day, a jersey, and a player evaluation.

How will your child be motivated to improve?

The NF Hockey camp experience motivates players through personal and team challenges.  Players earn recognition by working hard, doing drills really well, being a great teammate, winning races, winning the afternoon game, and for many other reasons.  Players get to demonstrate, explain drills, receive jerseys to be ‘line leaders,’ and earn points through our many games, races, and activities.