advice | Stick on the ice

As a parent and coach you want to encourage young players to keep their sticks on the ice.  Players increase their chances of gaining quick control of the puck when their sticks are on the ice.

It's a fast game where seconds count - a stick in the air may take an extra half second to put on the ice.  It might also throw a player off balance.  A pro player's stick is almost always on the ice, and it's most obvious in front of the net.

If you are having trouble getting a player to keep his stick on the ice introduce him to Sock Puck.  It's a simple thing that quickly motivates players to keep their sticks on the ice.  Put a puck in a sport sock and then pull it over the blade and then tape it to the lower shaft.

Have the player participate in a few drills or games with the Sock Puck on.  Because of the Sock Puck's weight the player will keep his stick on the ice.  Keep it fun and positive and the player will soon see the benefits of keeping his stick on the ice.


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