advice | Skate Sharpening for Youth Players

Players under the age of 13 should generally not have their skates too sharp.  You may hear your kid complain his skates are too sharp.  Extra sharp skates can slow a youth player down, cause them to twist their ankles on sudden stops, and reduce glide as the skates sink into the ice. 

Skate blades are too sharp when the hollow (space between inside and outside edge) is too deep.  In the above photo a 9 or 11 would be considered too deep a hollow for a youth player.

Extra sharp skates are meant for older players with stronger legs and ankles.  They are also meant for harder ice (e.g. in the deep of winter).  Youth players should be using a medium to shallow hollow.  When you go to the pro shop ask for a '5/8s sharpening.'  If your kid wants his skates sharper ask for a 'half inch sharpening.'

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