advice | Time to buy new skates

When is the right time to buy new skates for your child? There are a few signs to look for.

  • Your child complains about foot pain in his toes or ankles
  • You notice that the lace loop holes by the ankles are really bent or creased (skate is breaking down)
  • There is very little skate blade remaining (less than 0.5 inches)

Your child's skates are the most important piece of equipment in terms of performance.  Of course your child might try and convince you otherwise and tell you he needs a better stick.  Proper skating technique is enhanced by a fully supported skate boot and a full steel blade.

If the skate is broken down it may result in a poor skating technique and potentially cause displaced pain to other parts of the body (e.g. back and hips).   If the skate blade depth is below 0.5 inches, and the tips of the blades are curved to the plastic, you will notice your child falling more than usual especially when turning.  

Other than a helmet I recommend you allocate the better part of your equipment budget to skates, and of course a well fitted helmet.  The $300 stick can be offset with a $50 one, but that's not the case with cheap new skates or burnt out blades.

For more information on skate sharpening click here.

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