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Bar down may be a cool way to put the puck in the net, but it’s not the only way.  Most goals come from rebounds and redirections. Very few goals come from the perfectly placed shots that we see on highlight reels.  Players can improve their scoring ability by getting the puck on the net and getting into scoring areas.

Three tips for scoring more goals

1.  Shoot five-hole frequently

2.  Get to the front of the net

3.  Stop in front of the goalie

 Shoot five-hole frequently

You never miss the net when you shoot five-hole.  Sometimes the puck gets through the goalies legs and most of the time a rebound comes out – that’s when most goals are scored.

 Drive to the front of the net

This is a tough task for most forwards.  Getting to the net means you have to beat back checkers and fight through defenders to get there.  Avoid the perimeter – goals aren’t scored there.

 Stop in front of the goalie

This is the toughest requirement of all.  I continuously see players skate past the net after a shot - after working hard to get to the net.  Stop in front of the net always.  Stopping in front of the net is a challenge, and the bigger challenge is taking punishment from the other team’s defenseman while pursuing a rebound. 


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