advice | different types of hockey pucks

The development of stickhandling and shooting skills can benefit from using different pucks.  We use the pucks below at our camps and training for different reasons.

White Puck - it's the same weight and size as a black puck.  It is great for stickhandling practice.  It is much harder to see this puckagainst the ice and players have to really feel the puck with their head up.  White pucks are great for goalies reaction timing however start with slow shots and gradually increase speed.

Red Puck - it's heavier than a standard puck but the same size.  Its benefit is similar to a batter doing practice swings with weighted rings.  Once you take the rings off the swing speed increases.  Similarly this happens with shot technique, including increasing release time.  About 15 - 25 reps is enough on any day.

Blue Puck - it's lighter than a standard puck but the same size.  This puck is great for introductory players at the squirt/tyke age groups.  It gets players comfortable with the feel and also allows them to do more with the puck.  A heavier puck slows and tires out younger players which hinders their ability to try new things.


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