NF Hockey Summer Camps

Kids and parents love our summer hockey camps.  Kids love our camps because they have fun, eat well, and have no idea how much they are developing their core hockey skills.  Parents love our camps because they see significant development in their kids core hockey skills.

Name the Summer Camp Teams!

Enter our summer camp challenge!  Come up with two team names for this year's summer camps.  The players you see here will be on our jerseys and t-shirts so keep that in mind when thinking of team names.  The winners will receive a $100 gift certificate for NF Hockey camps plus a hat and t-shirt with their winning team on it.

Players who have registered or will be registering for summer camps are eligible. 

Email your two team names to  The winners will be picked on June 2.

Shooting Lessons with Patrick Arnold

Improve your shooting and stickhandling with NF Hockey's Patrick Arnold during 30 – 60 minute shooting and stickhandling lessons.

Sessions are available from 4:30 – 8:00PM at Sixteen Mile, Joshua’s Creek, and River Oaks shooter pads.  These sessions are on a 20 x 40ft shooter pad.

Contact to register or call 905-582-6603.