Dates: august 21 - 25, 2017

location: sixteen mile sports COMPLEX

This camp focuses on improving core skills and building player confidence.  Skating, stickhandling, and shooting are the most important skills.  Our highly trained and knowledgeable instructors spend significant time teaching and motivating your child to improve.  Registration includes, lunch, jersey and an evaluation.

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7:30AM                Check-in

8:30AM               On-ice (skating, agility, pivoting, stickhandling, races)

10:45AM             Outdoor activities (baseball, soccer, capture the flag)

11:45AM              Lunch (veggies/dip, entrée, and fruit/dessert)

12:30PM              Classroom (hockey trivia, jeopardy, scrabble)

1:30PM                On-ice (stickhandling, shooting, scrimmage)

3:15PM                 Off-ice activities (fun events - eg. scavenger hunt)

4:15 - 4:30PM      Pick up




7:30AM                Check-in

8:15AM                Outdoor activities (Fitness, plyometrics, games)

10:30AM             On-ice (dynamic skating, overspeed & stickhandling)

12:45PM              Lunch (veggies/dip, entrée, and fruit/dessert)

1:15PM                Classroom (positional play, tactics, mental prep)

2:00PM               Off-ice activities (fun events - eg. scavenger hunt)

3:00PM               On-ice (stickhandling, dynamic shooting, scrimmage)

4:45 - 5:00PM    Pick up

Goalies ($189+HST) 3 spots available for both Rep Jr and Sr camps.  Goalies are welcome and a big part of our camps. They participate in skating and stickhandling drills with their goalie gear on. Goalies need to be good skaters and puck handlers in today's game. During shooting and scrimmage hours they face a variety of shots. Shot frequency is controlled by an instructor‎. Goalies receive guidance on their positioning, stance, and rebound recovery however they do not receive goalie specific training.




Full refunds are available when cancellation occurs before May 31, 2017.  That means you must provide NF Hockey with a cancellation notice on May 31, 2017 or sooner to receive a full refund.  After this date refunds or credits are not available.