Dates: July 30 - AUGUST 3

location: Central Park Arena

This camp will be fun and focus on improving core skills and building player confidence.  Skating, stickhandling, and shooting are the most important skills.  Our highly trained and knowledgeable instructors spend significant time teaching and motivating your child to improve.   All registration include, lunch, jersey and an evaluation. 

How will my child improve at this camp?

The NF Hockey training approach focuses on 3 methods that drive the development of young players and build their confidence:

1.       Significant ice time – players are on the ice 20 hours per week

2.       Doing drills correctly – taking some extra time at the beginning to do things the right way

3.       Slow to fast – do the drill right then pick up the speed so it’s just like in a game

How will your child be motivated to improve?

The NF Hockey camp experience motivates players through personal and team challenges.  Starting Monday morning players are competing for the Northern Freeze Cup – the Stanley Cup of hockey camps.  Throughout the week players earn points for their teams.  Players earn points by doing drills really well, being a great teammate, winning races, winning the afternoon game, and for many other reasons.

How can you participate with your child?

NF Hockey’s Collingwood camp is an opportunity for you to enjoy the day and connect with your child early in the afternoons.  Come to the  game each day late in the afternoon and cheer for your kids’ teams.  Afterwards join us for one of our many fun parent-child activities where you will learn together, sometimes compete against one another, and have a fun connection.  There will be lots of prizes to win.

Optional Parent-Child Activities

Amazing Race – Thursday’s family competition at Blue Mountain




Full refunds are available when cancellation occurs before March 31, 2017.  That means you must provide NF Hockey with a cancellation notice on March 31, 2017 or sooner to receive a full refund.  After this date refunds or credits are not available.  When a refund is made, there will be a $30 administrative fee.