Sharpen individual skills and get ready for tryouts.  March break camps focus on improving skating, stickhandling, and shooting.  After completing this camp players will improve core skills and be more confident for upcoming tryouts.  There are 4 camps to choose from.  Each camp has a player limit so register soon before it fills up. See our 7 FAQs for more info on NF Hockey camps.


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Mon Mar 13 - Thur Mar 16, 2017

Locations: Mainway, Burlington

** CAMP FULL** Rep Jr Super Skills Camp 10:30AM – 12:15PM (6 hours of ice time over 4 days)

For who: Rep boys 2007 – 2009 and Rep girls 2006 – 2008

Description:  Players will spend time improving their skating, stickhandling, and shooting skills.  The final 20 minutes will include fun and competitive races/games.  Skating will focus on striding, agility, pivoting, and backwards skating.  Stickhandling will focus on quick hand movements, skating fast and dynamically with the puck.  Shooting will focus on the proper technique and game situation shooting.

Max class size: 20 players

Cost: $229+hst

** 4 SPOTS LEFT** Rep Sr: Advanced Stickhandling Skills Camp 12:30 – 1:30PM (4 hours of ice time over 4 days)

For who: Rep boys 2005 – 2007 and Rep girls 2004 – 2006

Description:  Players will work on quick hand movements, dynamic moves, agility with the puck, dekes, and puck protection.  Players will practice stickhandling moves with and without pressure.  Some key skills will be practiced that differentiate advanced puck handlers from average puck handlers, including being able to receive and control bad passes, quickly protect the puck in tight spaces, and accelerate from a static position.

Max class size: 18 players

Cost: $149+hst


**6 SPOTS LEFT** Rep Sr: Shooting Camp 1:30 – 3:00PM (6 hours of ice time over 4 days)

For who: Rep boys 2005 – 2007 and Rep girls 2004 – 2006

Description:  Players learn and improve shooting for many different game situations.  Significant time will be spent on snap shots, slap shots, and one-timers, including shooting time more common to each position.  They will practice shooting: off their back foot, through defenders in front of them, and from both sides of the ice which require different set-up and approaches.  There will be emphasis on where to shoot on the net, quick release, and following the puck to the net and stopping for rebounds.  Time will be spent on different dekes and options when in tight to the net.

Max class size: 20 players

Cost:  $199+hst

** CAMP FULL**Private Super Skills Camp 3:00 – 4:00PM (4 hours of ice time over 4 days)

For who: Rep boys AA – AAA (2005/06) and Rep girls A/AA (2004/05)

Eligibility: Please contact for registration eligibility

Description: Players perform all drills at full speed.  Areas of focus include transition and acceleration skating, shooting under pressure, stickhandling and puck protection in tight spaces, and significant 1 v1 and 2 v2 competition.

Max class size: 12 players

Cost: $159+hst

Goalies are welcome (free registration) and a big part of our camps. They participate in skating and stickhandling drills with their goalie gear on. Goalies need to be good skaters and puck handlers in today's game. During shooting and scrimmage hours they face a variety of shots. Shot frequency is controlled by an instructor‎. Goalies receive guidance on their positioning, stance, and rebound recovery however they do not receive goalie specific training. PLEASE NOTE: no goalies are needed for the Advanced Stickhandling Skills Camp.

Refund Policy:

A full refund is available when a cancellation is received by email 30 days prior to Monday, March 13, 2017.  That means you must cancel on or before Monday, February 13, 2017.  There will be no refunds after this date and time. When a refund is made, there will be a $25 administartove fee.