Here's your chance to be an expert, earn bragging rights AND win prizes! 

Prizes include:
1st place - 4 Blue Jays tickets
2nd place - 4 TFC tickets
3rd place - 1 private training class
4th place - swag bag (hats + shirts)

Enter Here

Rules for NF Hockey Playoff Pool

1.       Deadline to enter is April 13 by 7:00pm

2.       Only one entry per person.  Multiple people within a family can enter.

3.       If there is a tie between entrants the following criteria in order will break the tie.  If there is a tie after criteria ‘a’ then it goes to criteria ‘b’ until the winner is determined based on the criteria.

a.       Most goals for

b.      Most assists for

c.       Random draw

4.       Prizes are awarded as is.  There are no trade-ins or credits for any prizes.

5.       The following prizes will be awarded in order. 

a.       4 Blue Jays tickets

b.      4 TFC tickets

c.       One-hour private training class

d.      Swag bag (includes hat + shirt)