** 2018 PROGRAMS coming soon**

burlington Summer SPECIALTY Camps 

DATES: AUGUST 14 - 18, 2017

LOCATION: Burlington, Mainway Arena

*Use promo code sibling2017 for 10% sibling discount*

Price: $269+hst

All Camps Led by Coach Phil!

Max Class size: 20 players | Ratio: 6 students to 1 instructor or better

*** CAMP FULL*** Defence Camp (born 2005 to 2008)| 8:30 - 10:30am | Rep players looking to improve their defensive skills

As a youth player there are individual skills that are essential to being better at defence.  Being better at these specific skills makes players more aware of their own game play, and builds their confidence which leads to better decisions in games.  For example, at the defence position players need to be able to pivot in many different situations and also shoot from further out.  These are examples of unique skills that will be learned and practiced at this camp.

Curriculum: Evading forechecks, puck protection, 1 v 1 tactics, pivoting, shooting off the rush and from the blue line, working the puck on the boards

*** CAMP FULL*** Dynamic Agility Skating (born 2005 to 2008)| 10:30 - 12:30pm | Rep players looking to improve their skating

The most effective skaters in games move side to side in all situations and can change direction in an instant.  Being a dynamic and agile skater means always being in the play and getting to pucks first.  Great skaters always get noticed and they make an impact every shift.

Curriculum: edge work, agility, forwards and backwards, pivots, turning, acceleration and speed changes, balance, coordination, stick positioning


Registration includes a NF Hockey jersey & a player evaluation


*Use promo code sibling2017 for 10% sibling discount*

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Full refunds are available when cancellation occurs before May 31, 2017.  That means you must provide NF Hockey with a cancellation notice on May 31, 2017 or sooner to receive a full refund.  After this date refunds or credits are not available. When a refund is made, there will be a $25 administartove fee.